Championship 2017

This year’s Swiss Hitchhiking Championship 2017 will be held on July 07th-10th in Fribourg (Switzerland)

The concept

  • It’s a contest: Multiple two-person teams will hitchhike to a certain destination. The first team to arrive wins!
  • Once everyone has arrived at the destination, celebrations and exciting stories will be shared 🙂
  • Participation is free!


In order to register, fill out our registration form

Meeting point

The meeting point and start point of the championship will be Saturday, the 08th of July at 9 AM at the Grand Place in Fribourg

The destination

The destination is 200 – 300km away form Fribourg and will be announced shortly before the start.

The destination will be a camping ground. Definitely bring your tent and sleeping bag with you!!!


Friday July 7th:

  • Arrival in Fribourg (for participants outside of Fribourg)
  • Free accomodation possible on request –> see registration form
  • Presentation by Valentin about his Hitchhiking World Trip

Saturday July 8th:

  • Start Hitchhiking Championship in Fribourg at 9am
  • Arrival at the destination in the afternoon/evening
  • Campfire and party 🙂

Sunday July 9th:

  • Annoucement of the winning team in the morning
  • Different activities, e.g. Hiking in the region, workshops, music, volleyball etc…

Monday July 10th:

  • Return (you’ll have to organise for yourself)


Participation is free. The club will cover the charges of accomodation at the start and destination. Please also take enough money to cover your basic needs; snacks are probably a good idea.

General information

  • You should register as two-person teams
  • If you don’t have a partner, register alone and a partner will be assigned
  • The destination will be a camping ground. You will need a sleeping bag and a tent
  • Take enough food and water with you
  • For participants from outside of Fribourg, a place to sleep will be organized. Please mention in the registration form if you need a place to sleep or not
  • Participants have to be over 18 years old

If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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